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Companies are introducing new products to give
processors a wider range of flavors in their products.
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hile the market for dairy
alternatives may draw most of
the attention lately, the market
for dairy ingredients remains robust and active
as ingredient manufacturers differentiate, start
new initiatives and introduce new ingredients.
Darigold, Inc., Seattle, a cooperative of
farmers in the Pacific Northwest, has made
organizational changes with the goal of
launching a dairy ingredients business. The
company is in the process of selecting a
location for a new ingredients plant that will
be announced in 2021.
The new initiative is part of a 10-year
growth plan the co-op developed in 2018.
Capital investments like the new ingredient
plant are part of the growth strategy,
Darigold said.
Joe Coote joined the cooperative on Nov. 1
as president of global ingredients. The position
is new to Darigold. Mr. Coote was most
recently with Fonterra, where he was director
of global supply chain, director of global
optimization in New Zealand and president of
the Americas, based in Chicago.
" Joe will be instrumental in leading
the development and execution of our
global ingredients business, " said Stan
Ryan, president and chief executive officer
of Darigold. " His leadership profile and
experience are uniquely suited to both our
team culture and our business goals. We could
not be more thrilled to have him on board. "
While Darigold is in the initial phases of
building its dairy ingredients business, DFA

Ingredient Solutions, a business unit of Dairy
Farmers of America, Kansas City, Kan., has
launched an e-commerce platform that allows
manufacturers to order smaller quantities of its
dairy ingredients.
The new platform initially will feature
dairy-based ingredients, including seasoning
blends, specialty powders and concentrated
pastes. Previously only available in larger
quantities, food manufacturers can purchase
as little as 50-lb bags of specialty powders
and seasoning blends, and a 45-lb box of the
concentrated pastes.
" We receive many requests from small
food manufacturers for specialty ingredients, "
said Carol Willenbring, vice president of
marketing and R&D for ingredient solutions.
" Our response to these inquiries was to
develop an online experience to give these
companies access to the same, highly-rated
dairy ingredients. "
Bluegrass Dairy, Glasgow, Ky., has initiated
a rebranding campaign and changed its name
to Bluegrass Ingredients. The new name
reflects the company's evolution from a
dairy powder producer to a research-driven
specialty ingredients provider, according to
the company.
" We have a long, proud heritage in the
dairy industry, " said Hoyt Huffman, CEO
at Bluegrass Ingredients. " Our new name
represents our enhanced focus on a broader
range of taste trends and our ability to develop
innovative new flavors and formulations to
satisfy customer demands. "

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Dairy Processing - December 2020

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