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continue to differentiate

Innovation in the yogurt and yogurt
alternative snack space is booming.
Product developers are trying to
carve niches in several segments.
The latest trends innovators are
trying to tap into include specific
diets and conditions, convenience,
plant-based and functional.
" Over the past five years, yogurt
drinks have experienced a growth
rate of +10% per year for each of
those years, " said Jason Vieth,
executive vice president and general
manager of Sovos Brands, the
owner of noosa, which produces
a drinkable yogurt. " They also
serve as a great way to mix up
snacking habits for those looking for
something convenient and delicious
any time of the day. "
Yogurts and yogurt alternatives
fit the consumer's perception of a
healthy snack. As interest in health
snacking continues to grow, it is
expected that category innovation
will continue.
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That " eat " trend continues, but drinking
milk and cooking more with all types
of dairy had all dairy foods categories
experiencing double-digit sales increases
starting in mid-March, as compared to the
same period in 2019. The dairy industry is
committed to keeping up the momentum
with education and innovation.
" To continue to still see everyday demand
push sales above year-ago levels for dairy is quite
an accomplishment, " said Jeremy Johnson, vice
president of education for the International Dairy
Deli Bakery Association, Madison, Wis., in early
September 2020, approximately six months after
US stay-at-home orders were executed.
Since March 15, the IDDBA has been
tracking retail sales with Information
Resources, Inc., Chicago, and 210 Analytics
LLC, San Antonio.
" I think it is fair to say that we are
starting to look at the new normal, " Mr.
Johnson said. " Retail sales appear to be
holding at about 10% above 2019 levels with
great consistency. "
Abrielle Backhaus, research coordinator
with the IDDBA, added, " Dairy sales are
settling into a very nice sales pattern. Cheese
has been a pandemic powerhouse. Creams,
creamers and whipped toppings continue
to see double-digit gains with many coffee
breaks having moved to at-home. With people
continuing to work from home, this incremental
occasion remains an opportunity for dairy. "
The virtual school experience, which has
breakfast, lunch and snacks being consumed in
the home, likely will also keep retail dairy sales
strong, in particular milk, cheese and yogurt, and
even ice cream.
The dairy industry is embracing this
opportunity to connect with younger consumers
and educate them on the nutritional benefits of
dairy foods. In fact, the emergence of milk as a
surprising social media superstar of the stay-athome months inspired MilkPEP - the group
that represents America's milk companies - to
bring the iconic " got milk? " tagline back into
the spotlight.
" I've been so inspired by how people have
creatively embraced milk this year, " said Yin
Woon Rani, CEO of MilkPEP. " From whipping

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Dairy Processing - December 2020

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